Terra Dei Farm Boer Goat Kid


Terra Dei (Latin for "Land of God") is a small family farm dedicated to quality and enjoyment in everything we produce.  We raise a variety of livestock, one of our primary ventures being commercial meat goats.  We strategically cross our goats to achieve Boer size and appearance infused with enough Kiko blood to boost parasite resistance, mothering ability and general hardiness.  Our herd is becoming continually lower input as we breed for does who are thrifty on roughage, kid without assistance, have exceptional parasite resistance and raise multiple kids to market weight by weaning on pasture alone.  Focusing on these characteristics gives us a herd that is both beautiful (as far as goats go), functional and above all, profitable.


 Terra Dei Farm Boer Goat Buck

Maximus, one of our herd sires, at 2 years of age.

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