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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner



Congratulations to Jasanna Czellar who selected the name "Katniss" for this little spit-fire and is the winner of the $20 gift certificate.  Fellow "Hunger Games" fans rejoice!

I Need A Name Contest - January 28 - February 2


Ooo, this contest is closed!  We'll be having a family discussion on Sunday to choose a name and the winners will be announced on Monday on our weekly email newsletter.  Did you enter??  Make sure your signed up to receive our newletter to find out of you won!  (Sign-up box down below.)  Till Monday...


And the WINNER Is...

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Goat Name Contest


Congrats to Mary, who came up with the perfect name for our feisty red-head, Lucille Ball!  This weeks contest had SO MANY great names, they really sparked a lot of fun discussion in our "family meeting".  Congrats also to Heather R., Gary D. and Valerie L. who were the randomly chosen runner-ups!

Name That Goat! - Giveaway Jan 21-26, 2013


And the WINNER is....

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Interesting, no?  Here is what was said when the name was nominated:  

Name That Goat - January Giveaway!


Ah.  This contest is now closed!  The family will be sitting down to our weekly old-fashioned Sunday brunch today and we'll pick a name!  I'll post winners AND the next contest on Monday morning.  Have a blessed Sunday.


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