Young House Love - Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge. - A Video Response -


Last week, the fun family over at Young House Love issued a (completely unofficial) Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge.  For full details, check it out, here.  The gist of the challenge is to go to your local thrift shop with $20 and share your spoils.

I have to confess - I leave the farm with the goal of clothes shopping for myself about once every 3.5 years.  And even then it is for something useful, like flannel lined work jeans.  Lame.  So, since a large part of my closet consists of clothes from high school (and, it turns out, most clothes aren't meant to last over a decade..) it seemed logical to see if I could find some daily wear clothes at the local thrift shop.  I mean, the Petersiks told me to, right?

Here is my reply, in video form.  (Be warned, there were other elements to the challenge in which I completely fell on my face.  As in, "did not complete".  It might have something to do with being my life's own photographer and soundtrack editor...while often dragging along the four kids.) 

Speaking of kids - I tried to hand the camera to my 3 and 4 year olds and have them shot the modeling pictures of the sweet spoils... epic fail.  It's almost like they're only 3 and 4 years old...  So, I just had to use the timer on the camera.  It worked.  So, without further ado:





See, we have some fun down here on the farm!  While we may not have an abundance of stores in rural America, the ones we have make up for it in awesomeness.  Quality over quantity, right?

Like what we're doing here?  Stay updated!


LOVED watching this! And I cannot believe that you only spent $8. You rock, girl!

Awww - thanks so much for watching and giving me your feedback, Lynn!

Two things....LOVE YOUR BLOG, LOVED THE VIDEO, LOVE THE HAUL...okay maybe more than two things. Honey you know how to shop AND how to put together a cute outfit. If you ever come to Upstate NY let me know because we are going shopping! :-D

Oooo, sounds like a plan, Gabriella! Next time I'm in upstate NY - I will LOOK YOU UP!!

I love the cowboy boots!! I am a huge collector!

Aren't they awesome! They're really nice supple leather too. Definitely my favorite boots ever. And for 50 cents? No way!

Impressive on so many levels. Great presentation as well. I could afford to come to Missouri and get an entire new wardrobe to boot. Cashmere! So wonderful.

Thanks, Laura! Well, if you ever find yourself in NE Missouri, look us up. I'll give you the grand tour and take you shopping at the Clothes Closet.

WOW! What a presentation! How would you like a part time job:) I'm serious. I'm still looking for the right individual to manage our social media, web site and digital sign. Most of it you could do from home.

Uncle Mark

Very interesting offer...

Awesome! Totally enjoyed watching, and good grief, what a haul!!! :)

No kidding, huh, Jeanna!? The coolest part? I got to the counter and it actually should have been $11. But the lady at the register got tired of counting everything and said that since I bought so much she would cut me a deal and only charge $8. So cool!!

I looked through many of the documented challenges, and yours was the best, by far.
Sherry & John would be proud! You may be a farm girl, but you rocked it! You have style all over the place. Loved the boots & you looked fabulous in that hot pink sweater with the white furry scarf. You're the type that could make a burlap bag become a fashion statement.
Good job & the video was a hoot to watch.

Sherri - you completely made my night. You stellar woman, you!

that was hilarious! I hope John or Sherry sees this :-)

Awesome score! You must have a great thrift store for those bargains.....the best score I got was a fancy game table for 23 bucks!

horsey sweater, GET IN MY CLOSET. amazing haul!

Thrift envy ! I wish we had stores that cheap in TX!

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